NC lottery player visits 40 retailers and wins $5 million

Four tedious hours of searching later, and he has the winning ticket

By Kate Northrop

A North Carolina man bent on finding the last top prize in a lottery scratch-off game conducted a modern day treasure hunt and came out the big winner. 

Last Thursday, one North Carolina resident traveled to 40 different stores in a crusade to find the last top prize-winning ticket for a scratch-off lottery game.… Read the rest

Colorado Lottery hosts first-ever hackathon for new game development

With VIP guests and cash prizes galore, GameJam aims to encourage innovators to envision a new future of the lottery

By Kate Northrop

A new event aiming to spark innovation in lottery game development will kick off this week.

From July 31 through August 9, the Colorado Lottery will host GameJam, the first-ever hackathon specifically geared toward new game development and creating novel lottery products.… Read the rest