Massachusetts has a new rule to stop repeat winners — but so far, they keep winning

He’s done it again, and not just for the second, third or even 10th time. For the 1,246th time this year, Ali Jaafar has hit it big on the lottery.

State records show that since Jan. 1 the Watertown, Massachusetts, man has won more than $1.8 million from lottery retailers all around Massachusetts — with most of his riches coming from scratch tickets revealing $1,000 prizes.… Read the rest

Iowa lottery winner donates $500K to veterans’ group

Includes video report

A Powerball winner in Iowa this week donated $500,000 of her prize to a group supporting disabled veterans.

Lerynne West, who was part of a group sharing an-almost $700 million jackpot, announced the donation on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday.

West said she was donating the money to the Travis Mills Foundation, a group based in Hallowell, Maine, and that three of her brothers served in the military and that her father was a Vietnam War veteran.… Read the rest

China lottery corruption probe sparks online outrage

China’s government is attempting to downplay social media rumors that lottery administrators have embezzled nearly $20 billion from lottery proceeds.

On Tuesday, the South China Morning Post reported on the frantic efforts by Beijing authorities to refute social media chatter that around RMB136b (US$19.5b) had been embezzled by corrupt lottery administrators.… Read the rest