Missouri woman “accidentally” wins $100,000 lottery jackpot

Simple blunder leads to a good ending

By Kate Northrop

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — A lucky mistake that led a woman to accidentally win a $100,000 lottery jackpot just proves that some things are meant to be.

Page Nelson of Chesterfield made the right decision to “go with the flow” when she was handed the wrong ticket by the clerk, according to the Missouri Lottery.

Nelson made a trip to the 7-Eleven on Olive Boulevard in Chesterfield to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket but did not receive a ticket for the game she initially intended to play.

Instead, the clerk handed her a $5 “Break the Bank” ticket.

“I was trying to buy another ticket,” Nelson explained in a press release.

She’s thanking her lucky stars that she decided against pointing out the simple error. After coming home and scratching it off, she was over the moon to learn that it was a ticket worth one of six $100,000 jackpots.

“I didn’t believe it,” she said. “I just started jumping up and down and screaming.”

The “Break the Bank” game that was released this June now has two top prizes worth $100,000 left to claim. There are also three of six second-tier prizes of $20,000 remaining.

The Missouri Lottery advises that prizes of $601 and more can only be claimed in-person by appointment at Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City and regional offices. Players who want to claim prize winnings in-person must bring the signed winning ticket, an official winner claim form, photo ID, and a completed IRS W-9 Form.

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