Texas Lottery introduces new in-lane option for purchasing lottery tickets

For the first time in the U.S., numbers can be printed directly on receipt paper

By Kate Northrop

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Lottery just adjusted the way players can buy their lottery tickets – the purchasing process, along with the appearance of a ticket, is gaining a new alternative.

For the first time in the United States, players can buy their Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets printed on cash register receipt paper, otherwise known as a Receipt Ticket. Currently, the Texas Lottery is offering this option in the Business Centers at participating H-E-B stores.

When a customer makes a purchase at a cash register, players have the option to buy lottery tickets so that their Quick Pick numbers will be printed directly on the receipt along with a lottery barcode that is valid for the next Powerball or Mega Millions drawing.

At this time, the Power Play and Megaplier add-on features are not available for Receipt Tickets.

Gary Grief, the Executive Director of the Texas Lottery, says that the implementation of printing on receipts at general cash registers means a smoother and more convenient purchasing process since it eliminates a separate purchase at a lottery terminal.

“Texas continues to break ground with ‘in-lane’ lottery solutions that provide our players direct access to the games they love in the most convenient ways possible,” he said. “These tickets look different than any other that the Texas Lottery has ever produced, as they are the first lottery tickets ever printed on cash register receipt paper rather than on lottery rollstock by a dedicated lottery terminal.”

The Texas Lottery rolled out this new feature after more than a year’s worth of collaboration between lottery operator IGT and popular grocery store chain H-E-B.

“We are pleased to partner with the Lottery and the world-class retailer H-E-B to deliver the latest innovation, Receipt Ticket, in Texas,” IGT Chief Operating Officer Jay Gendron said. “This solution simplifies the sale of lottery products for the retailer and makes lottery products more convenient and accessible for players. We expect the execution of the in-lane solution for the Texas Lottery and H-E-B to set a standard upon which other retailers and lotteries will seek to adopt.”

The Receipt Ticket practice is currently live, with expansions to other registers promised in the near future.

Players can check the winning status of a lottery ticket by scanning a lottery barcode at the bottom of the ticket using the Texas Lottery App. Winning Receipt Ticket prizes of $599 or less may be validated at any Texas Lottery retail location by scanning the barcode at a lottery terminal.

Winning Receipt Ticket prizes of $600 or greater must be claimed in person at any one of the state’s claim centers by appointment only. Players should call 800-375-6886 or go to www.txlottery.org/appointment to schedule a visit. Walk-in claims are not permitted at any Texas claim center until further notice from the Lottery.

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